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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bjarne Stroustrup Expounds on Concepts and the Future of C++

In his recent article on DevX, Danny Kalev asks Bjarne the hard questions about concepts and C++'s future.

A year ago, everyone was all but certain that the C++0x standard was just around the corner, and that it would include concepts (see Danny Kalev's earlier interview with Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, from August 2008). However, In July 2009 the C++ standards committee decided to remove concepts from the C++0x by an unprecedented move. Danny's recent controversial editorial was among the first to report that decision and its possible consequences. Despite vociferous disagreements over the removal of concepts themselves, nearly everyone agrees that the committee's decision left open many questions not only about concepts, but also about the committee's charter, and even the future of C++ itself.

Therefore, Danny has interviewed Bjarne Stroustrup again, this time to capture his thoughts about concepts, their removal, and the impact of that decision, along with his take on other pressing questions that currently concern the entire C++ community.

Source: DevX: Bjarne Stroustrup Expounds on Concepts and the Future of C++

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John Freeman said...

I really enjoyed reading this interview, as well as Bjarne's earlier article in DDJ, and Doug's post on www.cpp-next.com.

In this interview, Bjarne talked about axioms. I can see the utility of axioms from a documentation perspective, but I don't quite understand from the example why they would need to be part of the language. With concepts, we can enhance the feature beyond simple documentation, e.g. by providing modular type checking for templates. What is the usefulness gained by adding axioms to the language?