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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Literature Search for Computer Science

Interesting talk by Todd Veldhuizen that was presented by Dr. Jaakko Jarvi during our PTTL Reading Group gathering last Friday.

Literature Search for Computer Science

by Todd Veldhuizen
Why read the literature?
  • Because sometimes "a year of hard work can save a week of reading".
  • Increase the likelihood that someone will care about your research:
    • Not duplicate an already known result.
    • Identify communities of people who will appreciate what you are doing.
  • Be able to give a convincing treatment of your research problem:
    • Using standard terminology and notations;
    • Comparing your contribution to related work;
    • Avoiding obvious ‘newbie ’ mistakes
    • Not getting crushed by some crusty professor who claims to have published your result twenty years ago.

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